P76 锚 #174; 设置插头


The Dayton Superior Utility Anchor Setting Plugs are manufactured from polyurethane plastic in 90° and 45° anchor orientation versions.

The reusable setting plug properly sets the anchor approximately 1/2" below the surface of the concrete and provides an adequate recess for easy sling attachment. After final positioning of the concrete element, the recess formed by the recess member can be easily grouted or conveniently covered by the Utility Anchor Cover/Patch.

The 90P875 Setting Plug used with the P75H 24,000 lb. anchor requires 2 each P101 holding rods to attach setting plug to the form. No holding plate or magnetic plate are available for this setting plug.


产品代码 包装
123175 0.444 锚90º蓝色
123176 0.444 锚45º蓝色
123177 0.671 锚90º橙
123178 0.671 锚45º橙
127786 0.671 UA/后海湾90º橙
124685 0.875 UA/后海湾90º橙
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